Introduction to Dr. Plaisance

“Witnessing hope where little existed in the transformation of health, is life-changing for the individual and those lives touched by that individual, in a grand ripple effect.  It is truly a blessing to be an instrument in that process.”

Dr. Plaisance is an Advanced Biostructural Correction Practitioner, Certified ACE Health Coach and MindBody Specialist, Holistic Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Eden Energy Medicine (1yr), EFT and SimplyHealed Practitioner. She implements manual and instrument-assisted adjusting, Eden Energy Medicine, and MindBody techniques, as well as utilizes Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oils. With this integrated and individualized goal-oriented approach, the focus is to restore function, release old patterns, and address issues of toxicity and tissue integrity. The typical patient experience is to achieve functional goals, become educated and empowered on self-care and continue to heal beyond active treatment.

Self-directed care in conjunction with alternative natural medicine was life-changing on a personal level, fueled her passion and shifted her practice focus to educate and empower others to do the same. She relates that modern medicine has an equally valuable place and it’s time we place proper priority on ourselves to build resiliency on a cellular level by lifestyle choices and self-directed health care, in order to meet modern medicine with the best possible outcome, when necessary. For this purpose, enhanced care options are implemented.

Dr. Plaisance’s approach to care includes manual and instrument-assisted adjustments, sports and extremity work. Soft tissue, acupressure and energy medicine techniques are utilized to accelerate patient response. Self-care is emphasized to empower patients’ life long vitality. During an adjustment the patient is checked and adjusted (usually) head to feet, ensuring before/after differences, and given any instructions to assist in correction. Whether infant, teen or geriatric, treatments are tailored to the individual.

Dr. Lorie Plaisance has enjoyed over 27 years as a chiropractic physician, graduating from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, now Southern University of Health Sciences, in 1991.  She earned status as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the state of CA. Post-graduate work has emphasized orthopedics, clinical neurology/brain trauma, mechanical nerve disorders and postural restoration. Dr. Plaisance has earned a favorable reputation among medical colleagues to co-treat, coordinate care and refer as appropriate.  She established Summit Chiropractic in Silverdale WA in 2002 which she sold in 2017 to relocate to the Eastside. After years in solo practice, she is happy to join the Rebound team.

Dr. Plaisance completed the 2008 Danskin triathlon, Seattle Rock & Roll Half-Marathon and several mud/fun runs over the years. She enjoys golf, tennis, and live music. Among her greatest accomplishments are her four children ages 15-34. She is a member of the Washington State Chiropractic Association, served on WSCA Sports Council, as a Kitsap County volunteer in the mentor program and member of the YMCA Advisory Council.

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