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Chiropractic Treatment for Neck and Shoulder Pain


The Most Common Causes of Neck and Shoulder Pain When it comes to dealing with the general aches and pains of daily life, issues surrounding the neck and shoulders are relatively common. According to research, approximately two thirds of the population will experience neck pain during their lives. On top of this, around 10% of [...]

Chiropractic Treatment for Neck and Shoulder Pain2021-04-19T14:48:02-07:00

The POTS-Concussion Connection


Did you know that more than 1 in 10 people who have POTS reported that their symptoms started within 3 months of a concussion? POTS has been traditionally associated following viral infections, surgeries or pregnancy, and traumatic brain injuries like concussions. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome or POTS for short, is part of a larger family [...]

The POTS-Concussion Connection2021-04-15T13:25:22-07:00

Minimally Invasive Chiropractor Kent Washington


Your back, neck, or extremities has been hurting lately .. a lot. It was manageable at first, but now even getting out of bed is starting to become a pain—no pun intended. You’ve started to dread the things you used to love, and finally, your pain has hit a ceiling and you just can’t take [...]

Minimally Invasive Chiropractor Kent Washington2021-11-03T17:47:58-07:00

The Role of Eye Movement Analysis in Concussion/Head Injury


  When both of your eyes are not looking at the same object this can cause you to experience a myriad of different issues. Many patients report problems with eye movements, reading, visual attention, accommodation, visual motion sensitivity, neck pain, headaches, and other visually related aspects. These are all common complains that can occur after [...]

The Role of Eye Movement Analysis in Concussion/Head Injury2021-03-27T00:25:24-07:00

Migraines & Food Sensitivities


  We have a saying in the office, “Migraines always have a trigger”. This applies to all shapes and sizes of migraines. Some of the most common triggers of migraines are food, more specifically food sensitivities, as well as inflammation, hormones, and dysautonomia. Today we will focus on food sensitivities. What is a food sensitivity? [...]

Migraines & Food Sensitivities2021-03-27T00:28:04-07:00

How Whiplash Injury Affects Your Brain


  Your brain can take a beating when your head gets shaken around during a whiplash injury. The effect of the head, which weighs as much as a medium sized bowling ball, forcefully snapping your neck in various directions can cause a lot more than just neck pain and headaches. Mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) [...]

How Whiplash Injury Affects Your Brain2021-03-27T00:29:41-07:00
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