We have a saying in the office, “Migraines always have a trigger”. This applies to all shapes and sizes of migraines. Some of the most common triggers of migraines are food, more specifically food sensitivities, as well as inflammation, hormones, and dysautonomia. Today we will focus on food sensitivities.

What is a food sensitivity? Is it a food allergy?

Simply put, no. Food allergies and food sensitivities are different.

A food allergy is usually more severe and triggers an IgE antibody immune response which in turn can trigger a massive histamine response. These histamine responses are often immediate and can cause rashes, hives, throat closures, blood pressure changes and can be life threatening. This would be considered an Anaphylaxis reaction. I will share a story later that includes a food allergy to gluten. People with food allergies often carry an Epi-Pen in case they are exposed to a certain food.

A food sensitivity triggers an IgG/IgA antibody immune response which is most commonly delayed (up to 24-48 in many instances and can remain increased for months if you continue to eat that food). Symptoms of food allergies are very vague and broad, seemingly “random” many times, when they’re not random at all. If tracked or journaled properly, you will begin to notice the correlations between certain foods and symptoms.

Common Food Sensitivity Symptoms:

Stomach Pain
Gut Pain
Poor Concentration
Post-Nasal Drip

If you or a loved one are struggling with migraines, we can help.