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When it comes to performing at an elite level – milliseconds matter.

Sports performance is based on an athlete’s ability to use their senses to take in the game around them, interpret what is going on, and execute the appropriate actions in a perfectly timed sequence.

Control of these functions depends on your nervous system. The better your brain and body are communicating, the more efficiently it can take in information, process it accurately, and respond with appropriate muscle action.

That’s why we at Rebound SportsMed offer revolutionary therapies designed specifically for athletes. Using state-of-the-art technology, we can measure the specific brain networks that affect reflexes and coordination, including:

  • Reaction Time
  • Processing Speed
  • Eye Movement Speed
  • Binocular Vision Skills
  • Auditory Reaction Time
  • Visual Concentration

Our elite athletic performance training program allows athletes to awaken dormant potential through the power of neuroplasticity – your nervous systems ability reorganize, form new connections, and enhance the efficiency of neural networks. If you’re serious about achieving your full potential as an athlete, we can give you the edge you want.

What’s Your EyeQ™?

A Computerized Eye Tracking System that Measures Brain Speed and Reaction Time

Rebound Sports Med is proud to offer RightEye eye-tracking tests and training. RightEye’s testing and therapy protocols assist us in revealing deficiencies of brain speed and vision performance.

Using a scientific-based, metric-driven methodology, RightEye’s patented technology measures visual skills and provides earlier, faster, more accurate insights related to targeting, reaction time, brain speed and vision accuracy.

Providing Solutions for Brain Speed, Reaction Time, and Visual Targeting Accuracy

EyeQ: Test Your Reaction Time and Brain Speed

Brain health diagnosis through eyetracking with RightEye technology - Rebound Sports Med, Kent, WA

Power UP your Brain and Turbo Charge your Vision Performance

EyeQ Sports Eye-Tracking

RightEye Sports Vision EyeQ improves athletic performance by identifying vision strengths and weaknesses. A series of tests quickly measures and analyzes eye movement, processing and motor skills and provides real-time reports and recommendations to improve sports vision with vision training exercises.

Over time, Sports Vision EyeQ supports measurement of sports vision improvement from the training exercises. Used by amateur and professional teams including MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS and NCAA.

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RightEye, a health technology company, is the world leader in the development and delivery of eye-tracking tests and vision skill training. Our revolutionary EyeQ tests and Vision Training Games are improving vision skills for a broad range of health, vision and performance conditions, including reading issues, sports vision and everyday vision.

What can RightEye eye tracked vision tests tell you?

  • monitor eye movements uncovering vision and health issues
  • provide baseline concussion tests
  • monitor recovery and treatment impact
  • improve athletic performance by identifying vision strengths and weaknesses
  • detect early indicators for autism and Parkinson’s disease
  • identify binocular vision issues that impede reading., vision and learning
  • inefficiencies are detected

RightEye reports provide objective, online access to visualizations and precise metrics against age-based norms for general population or elite athletes.

EyeQ Eye-Tracking for sports - Rebound Sports Med, Kent, WA